Why Using Lightroom for Photo Editing?

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In this article I will tell you what is my favourite photo editing software and why it is better to use it instead of other apps.


Are you ready?

So, let’s start! 😀


What is Lightroom?

Before entering in the details about Lightroom, let me tell you somenthing.


Since my beginnings on Instagram app I’ve always admired and looked at other people’s works.


I was frustrated because I couldn’t reach results as good as them.


So, I started using Instagram editor or other mobile apps like Vsco or even graphic desktop softwares like Photoshop, obtaining better results but not awesome as I wanted.


I needed somenthing that really could give me 100% freedom in photo editing.


And it was then that, following many great instagrammers, I found out this awesome software: Lightroom.


And so, what is exactly this software?

Let me tell you somenthing.


There are many professional softwares of graphics in general on the market, like Photoshop for example, that can do similar things as Lightroom.


Don’t think you’re wasting your time here.


Lightroom is the only one that gives you 100% freedom to edit your pictures and do color editing and correction.


Yes, we are talking about colors!


Because the main thing we do when we modify a picture is dealing with colors. And Lightroom gives you unlimited possibilities in this sense.


You can create your own “look” for your pictures and be able to express everything you want!


Why Lightroom and Not Other Apps?

Well, there are plenty of apps much more easy to use and I don’t even need to turn on my computer! Why using this one?

Read the list below:


  • Freedom to choose the tones of all the colors (blue, greens, reds, and so on) in your pictures.
  • You can create your own consistent style, in which every picture is recognizable as your own.
  • Make important changes without lowering the quality of the image.
  • You can even retouch some parts (like skin and so on) or delete unwanted objects.
  • Or you can make an harmonic picture regulating perspective and correcting lenses distortions.


There is a resason for which you can do all this in Lightoom.


Want to know why?

Well, next paragraph will explain you everything.


What is a .RAW File Format?

I am going to say a thing that will shock you!




You don’t get the results you want due to the file format of your pictures!


So, the beloved .JPEG or .PNG formats I have been using for years are not good?


It is exactly like this! Let me explain you better.


.jpeg & .png file formats are compressed file formats.

This means that, for making the file smaller and easily sharable, you lose some information of the picture.


How can I retain the whole information of the shot from my camera?


Simply using a .raw format!

You can easily set it in your camera, and it will save all the photos you take automatically in .raw format.


I explained how to do this in my 5 Minutes Reflex Guide that you can receive directly in your inbox filling the form below!

100% NO Spam! I hate it as much as you!


More in details, a .raw format is a digital negative (the same that came out from old, non-digital cameras!)


Then you can take this negative, put it into Lightroom and obtain all the different pictures you want from this single file.


It is exactly what the technitian did in the dark room for obtaining the final photo from the negative.


Simply, .raw format retains all the information registered by the camera.


So you can change exposure & temperature just like you were changing the settings in your camera, but you are sitting in front of your computer!


Here you can see a comparison of my Instagram Feed making photo editing with other apps and Lightroom.

Feed with Lightroom vs other apps

Feed with Lightroom vs other apps


Like the new appearance? 😀


Want to Download Lightroom Photo Editing Software?

I’ve told you all these amazing things about Lightroom but now you could ask:


Where can I get it?


Well it is quite easy. Just keep reading.


The software has been released by the well-known American company Adobe.

And like all other apps, you can download it from the official website.


To make it even easier to you, I leave the direct link below!





Do I need to pay somenthing for this?


Unfortunately, I have to tell you the answer is Yes! 🙁


Due to its high standars, it is a payment software.


But, there’s a good news in all this!


You know you are thinking of cracking the software and so on.

NO! It is not that! This is illegal and not fair for all the people who worked hard to release it!


But, you can avoid paying thousands euros/dollars for buying a lifetime licence and purchase a montly licence starting from €12.19 ($9.99).


Is it too much?

Well, I don’t think it is for the following reasons:


  • I don’t think there is no one on earth cannot save €12 per month. Remember only all the tiny stupid things you waste your money in each month!
  • The functions are really unlimited and it is one of the best professional softwares on the market for photo editing.
  • When you’ll exploit all its functions you won’t be able to do without it!
  • If you don’t need it anymore, just don’t pay it and that’s done!


Learn Using Lightroom in 5 Minutes!

Wow, now that you know what it is and you have it installed on your PC, you could ask:


How can I learn using it? If it is such a great program I will need years alone to learn!


I am here to help! Read further …


It is not as difficult as you think, you just must learn to master the main functions, the ones that really can make the difference in your pictures.


Then you can improve more and more learning to use the most sophisticated functions.


But what are these main functions?


I wrote a free guide on how to learn using Lightroom for photo editing in 5 minutes.

All you have to do is inserting your e-mail below and you will receive it directly in you rinbox!

100% NO Spam! I hate it as much as you!


But there’s more …

Read this!


You can find another article on this blog in which I explain how to use Lightroom Presets.


What?! (I know you are skeptical!)


Presets are just a tool that will enable you to obtain perfect pictures in just one click! (And I am not kidding!)


Conclusion & Small Trick

I think you are much more ready to master the photo editing process now.


The instrument I gave you is what I personally use to modify the pictures I publish on my blog and Instagram Profile (just have a look :D).


Writing this article has been for me the sum of many things I have learned through the years.


I leave you some useful links to download lightroom software and to a great Lightroom book if you want to become a pro!


Lightroom Download





Lightroom Book


USA – Click Here to Shop From USA

UK – Click Here to Shop From UK

IT – Click Here to Shop From Italy

ES – Click Here to Shop From Spain

FR – Click Here to Shop From France

DE – Click Here to Shop From Germany

CA – Click Here to Shop From Canada


If it really helped you to understand more, let me know here in comments.


Hope to see you soon here and wish you’ll be part of #MonicaCrew !




P.S. App Lightroom for Mobile!

There is also a free mobile version of Lightroom that enables you to perform the main functions of photo editing directy on you phone!


Of course the quality is not as desktop software, but it is much better than other non-professional apps.


Buuuuut, there is a payment plan for iOS & Android that gives you great additional futures!

If you want to know more, just write me in comments below (I answer fast! :D)!


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