Top 3 Best Magnolia Spots in Milano

Magnolia at Castello Sforzesco Milano

Spring is finally here in Milano and, as the weather becomes a little warmer, all the Magnolia trees in town start blossoming their beautiful pink & white flowers.

Since I love this beautiful flower as much as you, I want to share with you the top 3 locations in Milano where you can admire the blossoming of Magnolia and take the perfect travel spring picture!


“You can cut all the flowers, but you can’t keep spring from coming.”


For all the years passed here in Milano, I have been monitoring the weather and rushing into the streets the first warm day after winter to admire the marvel of Magnolia blossoming.

There are plenty of these plants spread all over Milano, some of them in touristic places but some others in some way hidden in residential boroughs, that can be really suggestive and amazing to see.


So, I want to collect all my outdoor knowlendge conquered during years of wandering around the city and put it at your disposal in order you could watch these beautiful plants blooming their flowers and then turning them into leaves.


“The day hope was created, was probably the same day Spring was created.”


What is Magnolia?


Ok, to some of you this may be obvious but for others may be not. Everyone knows that Magnolia is a plant but I had no idea of how it looked like before moving to Milano.

For those who have no idea of how Magnolia looks like, I have to tell you that you missed a wonderful sight in your life. You can still put remedy looking at the picture below (or you can have a look at my Instagram Profile for more).


Magnolia Trees at Spring in Milano

Location: Piazza Tommaseo, Milano, Italy


So cute, right?

In winter they have only branches and no leaves but, as spring comes, their branches become full of giant white and pink flowers that gradually become bright green leaves.


It is a matter of days and the flowers become leaves, so you have to be very fast and careful to guess the exact days in which the blossoming happens.

One more day and it could be too late!


What Is The Period of Magnolia Blossoming?


The most difficult thing of all is to guess when the Magnolia will bloom their flowers. Of course the phenomenon happens at Spring but this don’t usually correspond to the Spring Equinox on March 21.

Generally depends on the weather and the blossoming can really vary a lot, even more than one month difference between one year and the previous!


Last year, for example, most for the trees had their flowes at the beginning of march, but this year winter was very long and cold and in the middle of April there are still a lot of plant in the city with a lot of flowers! Last year in April everything was already green, instead.

So let’s say that a broad period to observe the phenomenon is beteween March and April.

But a way I use to know exactly how it happens is to observe the weather. Let’s see how!


Magnolia in Milano on the tree

Location: Piazza Tommaseo, Milano, Italy


The first hot spring day, where temperature reaches or goes above 15ยฐ C, I rush into the streets and I go in my favourite sports (that I will tell you in the next paragraph if you will be patient enough ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) to see if the blossoming is starting.

Since I am very cautios, when I first reach the spot for the very first time the trees have only little closed flowers and you cannot really see the whole show of the previous pictures.


Then, If hot weather continues and the temperature remains constant or even increases, I return after 2-3 days and I will find the Magnolia fully blooming. Otherwise, if there is cold again and rain, I return when the sun will show up again.


Remember that if there isn’t a continous period of 4-5 days of sun the flowers will not show up completely.

The flowers will be there for some days and then they will be replaced by leaves, so If you forget for one week to go checking you will probably miss the flowers!


This happened to me last year and I was very sad, this is why I discovered other spots more shadowed and hidden, because in some particularly sunny places the blooming happens early with respect to places where the houses are closer and the sun cannot reach the trees many hours a day.


Top 3 Best Magnolia Blooming Spots in Milano


Now that you know WHAT and WHEN, you only need to know WHERE to go.


An option can be going through the streets wandering and looking for these beautiful flowers.

In this case, you can skip the next part of the article, but you risk to miss wonderful spots that really worth a visit. Especially the number 1 is my favourite and away from touristic routes, really a secret place that only a Milanese can know!


So let’s see which are these places!


3) Sforza’s Castle

Castello Sforzesco, or Sforza’s Castle in English, is one of the most touristic and insolit places of Milano.

And, right here, you can find one of these trees quite unexpectedly.


Well, we must say that it is not right in front of the Castle, so, if you don’t come on foot from the Duomo Square, probably you won’t notice it.

To see it, you don’t have to take the Red Metro Line and get off at the stop right in front of the Castle (like any lazy tourist does), because, as I said, the tree it is not exactly in Piazza Castello but in a square 100 m away from it called Largo Cairoli.


Here, if you go right in front of the UNA Hotel Cusani, you will probably see this amazing creature. If you come from Duomo, you have to go straight on Via Orefici and then Via Dante and, when you reach the square, you will find it on the right.


This place is really good to take pictures and you can also enjoy a great view of the Castle!


Magnolia Trees near Sforza's Castle in Milano

A girl under a Magnolia tree smelling

Detail of a Magnolia flower

Location: Largo Cairoli, Milano, Italy


2) Duomo Cathedral

This is a place that doesn’t mean a lot of presentations.

It is the most touristic place in Milano, the third biggest cathedral in the world and a masterpiece of genius and art. It is admired all around the world for its facade completely crafted and full of statues.


If you come to Milano you cannot go away without at least one selfie here, but, I will tell you that, in addition to the classical one into the square, you can go behind the Duomo and you will find two amazing Magnolia, one with pink flowers and one with white flowers, just waiting for you!


Nothing to say that it is full of tourists, so taking a great picture will be very difficult. Moreover, it is very sunny there so the Magnolia will stay flourish only for a few days.

I usually go at 3pm in a non-festive day, so I can enjoy the great lighting for making the best photos without many tourists around.


If you are in Milano for a very short time and you have no time to go around, this is of course the perfect place to enjoy Magnolia blooming while on the go!


Tree behind Duomo di Milano

Detail of a window and a tree behind Duomo di Milano

Detail of a Magnolia flower behind Duomo di Milano

Location: Piazza Duomo, Milano, Italy


1) San Tommaseo Square

The top 1 place is one probably you have never heard before, if you are not a great explorer of the city.

It is a small square near Cadorna Raylway Station, that you can reach getting off at Conciliazione Stop of Metro Red Line and walking for a couple of minutes.


This is the best place, the one I liked most and I will tell you why in a moment.


First of all, as you can see from yourself, there is not only one tree, like in Duomo or at the Castle, but a big gardend with a lot of trees one by the other and the place is not crowded at all!

You will have no tourists around since the place is mainly a residential area where you will find only people living on the spot. If you go in the morning (around midday when the light is very good), you will find very few people and you can enjoy the sight without anyone boring you.


The square is also surrounded by classic buildings and a church, that makes it the best spot to enjoy blooming, take pictures and live this time of the year at its fullest!


Detail of Magnolia flowers in the sky

Many magnolia trees with flowers

Magnolia flower brokeh behind a church

Location: Piazza Tommaseo, Milano, Italy






I hope you’ll have the chance to visit Milano during Spring and go to one of these places because it really worths it.

They are the perfect place to relax with nature and take some particular travel pics that really comes out from the crowd.


If you are on the spot and you found some other wonderful places like these ones, I will be very happy to know. Share in the comments to tell to the community!


If you want to start a travel blog and you need the right motivation to begin writing, here you can find some inspiration!


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Enjoy some other Magnolia pictures! ๐Ÿ˜‰


A brunette girl smelling a magnolia flower

A magnolia tree with flowers behind Duomo di Milano

Pink magnolia flowers in a churchyard

A magnolia tree with many flowers on it

A road sign under a magnolia tree


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