Sky Garden: Enjoy Best View in London


WANNA LIVE THE CITY OF LONDON IN AN EXCITING WAY? Then you must absolutely read this to know the Sky Garden, the best place to have a drink with a stunning view of London below you!


Today I want to share with you one of the things I discovered by chance on Instagram a few days before going to London and that definitely made my visit better!


A Garden Over London

If you’ve read my other posts regarding my London trip (My Quick Trip to Cambridge & How to Reach Stonehenge), you’ll know for sure I don’t like ordinary vacations.


I always try to find ways to live and explore the place I visit at the same time.

I don’t like wandering throught merely touristic places and see things seen many times on TV, Instagram, Internet.

Therefore, I look for experiences and the best way to enjoy the baeuties that the city has to offer.


If you share my idea, I suggest to do a visit, or better have a drink, at Sky Garden London.


The name suggests everything. It is a new skyscreaper born with the idea of giving a pinch of green to the city. So they built a forest at the 35th floor where people can go to have a drink, enjoy the panorama and also having dinner since it hosts a restaurant too.

Its location is perfect and stunning. It has been build on the Thames a hundred of meters away from Tower Bridge.


To enter you have to pass through the boring security controls, metal detectors and so on, take a fast elevator that in a few seconds takes you till the top (so if you have weak stomach be preapared! 😀 ).


I can assure you the architecture of Sky Garden itself and the view over London left me totally breathless.

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden, London


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The building is all composed of steel ribs with glass between the openings to let light come in and feed the plants.

All the floors are rooms for offices, except the last floor that has an inner part that hosts a restaurant and my beloved cocktail bar, and a terrace where you can breath fresh air and enjoy the an amazing view over the city.


When you get out on the terrace, you are kindly welcomed by the view of the Shard (the new astonishing skyscreaper designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano – you can see some pictures of it on my Instagram).

Then, when you’ll be ready to turn around, you can clearly see Tower Bridge and the Tower of London directly on the left. On the extreme right are also visible London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Well, you have a true view at 180° over London from the Sky Garden! 😀


But remember, the terrace is opened to visitors untill 18:00, then it will be closed. Only the bar will still be in service until late night. So, be sure to arrive before that time to go outside. It really worths it! 😀


How to Book

The entrance to the Sky Garden is free, but if you go in the afternoon, you will certainly find the queue. When I got out, there were a huge crowd of people waiting for coming in! I hate queues, so a try to do my best to skip them!


What you can do is simply book a visit on the Sky Garden Official Website. Then, after having visited the terrace (remember to do as first thing otherwise they close it and you’ll miss it!), you can sit inside and enjoy a drink.

Sky Garden, London


I walked all day, so I prefered drinking an orange juice to restore a little bit. And in the soft light of the sunset that permeated through the windows it really helped!


The prices are average. I paid £5 for my organge juice. A beer is £10 and coctails £12. Which is not so uncommon in London.


How to Get There

It is very simple to reach the Sky Garden.


You just have to get off to Monument tube station, which is on the lines District (GREEN) and Circle (YELLOW).

Take Gracechurch Street on the extreme right of the square. I know, it’s a bit huge, but after turning around you’ll find your way.

Then, turn the first on the right, that is Fenchurch Street,  and you’ll find Sky Garden a few meters away.


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Since it is very tall, you’ll probably see it also from the middle of the square. I usually use tall buildings to orientate when I am abroad.



That’s it!

I hope I convinced you Sky Garden is somewhere you must go in London, to spend the time in a different way enjoying the skyline of the city at the same time!

I think I’ve told you everything! If you have some comment or question you can write me in the comments below. I will be very happy to answer!


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Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London

Sky Garden London


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