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Monica Pirozzi

I am Monica, a Civil Engineer feeling so lucky to be born in beautiful Italy.

And so, what I’m doing here? 😀


My aim is to communicate with people inspiring them a better lifestyle. I dedicate my time to Photography, Storytelling & Content Creation to make others see life from another point of view.


My idea is to inspire my crew of readers & followers to live a better lifestive, more creative, as I would say. I think we all should be free from the chains and way of thinking that society imposes us and open our wings towards the life of our dreams.


In this way of thinking, everything we do in our life must have, as ultimate aim, our happiness and well-being and money becomes only a means to reach all this.


Many people think that to be free, live the life of their dreams and stand out from crowd they need a big amount of money, but you will discover it is not like this. If you focus on your creative goal with rationality, you will discover that you need much less money than you thought and that happiness is just around the corner!

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