My Quick Trip to Cambridge

Me at Sight's Bridge in Cambridge

ARE YOU TIRED OF THE USUAL MESSY CITIES FULL OF CROWD & SKYSCREAPERS? If you want to live a unique experience in England you should keep reading this to discover the marvels of the city of Cambridge.


Since we are more and more involved in travels and holidays, our expectations while going abroad are even more demanding. Mainly, we can see pictures of all big cities on the Internet, social media, Instagram, Facebook and so on (by the way, have a look at mine 😉 ).

We want to see somenthing that surprises us. And here is why I decided to explore the British countryside and visit Cambridge.


How to Get to Cambridge

Basically I will tell you how I reached the city of Cambridge in a nice British sunny day.

Maybe there are other options but I think this one is the best in therms of price and comfort.


I simply took the train early in the morning at Liverpool Street Station in London, that was the one closest to my accomodation in London. Yes, maybe you have never heard of this station, but I took a room on Airbnb in Shadwell, near Tower Bridge. I already told you about this in the article where I explained How to Reach Stonehenge.


The beautiful thing of going in this city early in the morning is that everyone does the way to London but the route away from London is empty and you have the train just for you.


Where to Buy Tickets

If you are thinking where to buy the tickets, it is very easy to buy them on the National Rail Official WebSite, that is the official site of the railway transporation of Britain.

Here you can mainly find tickets for whichever city you want to go in England.

You can also reach the small town of Salisbury and then get to Stonehenge. You can refer to my previous article How to Reach Stonehenge for all the information about the site.


I bought tickets a few days in advance and they weren’t expensive at all, as you can imagine.

I paid £14 for a two-way ticket and the time to reach the spot was less than 1,5h.


It was awesome to cross all the English countryside with the many natural parks, lakes and rivers that are hosted in this region. This may be an idea for a future travel. To take a small house in the middle of British countryside and enjoy excursions and nature in a sunny, mild summer.


Why Is Cambridge So Special?

Glad you asked.

The beautiful thing is that I did even imagine how this city looked like. And this was awesome! To go in a place and not knowing what to expect from it. And Cambridge has been an amazing surprise to me!


The city is very small, It took me 15 min on foot to get to the station to the city center.

As you may imagine, Cambridge is all about Universities and Colleges. Every street hosts one or even more, of the most important Universities on Earth.

And you can well understand why this place has become so good in spreading culture.

You can feel calm and serenity in every corner and I think this is the best way to open your mind and let ideas come in and out.



Bu the way, I stayed there for 4-5 hours and here is what you can see in this time. And you can also enjoy a great hamburger in one of the characteristics pub there! They are cheaper and less crowded than the ones you can find in London!

Streets of Cambridge

Saint John’s Street, Cambridge


King’s College Chapel

Among all the Universities there, I think this is the first that deserves a visit. Especially for the Chapel that you can find in the main courtyard and that is visible also from the street.


To eneter you have of course to buy tickets, for the price of £7. I am not the kind of person who visits everything and spends a lot of money in museums or stupid exibitions that don’t deserve nothing.

I always prefer to stay outside but, believe me, to enter the Chapel has been one of the best experiences ever.

Before going in you can just relax and have a walk in the main courtyard that terminates with a small river where students like relaxing on boats.

Me by King's College River Cambridge

King’s College, Cambridge

Then, you can get to the order side of the College where you can also see cows living freely on the grass.

This is so awesome how you can be strictly in contact with nature while studying and learning in a place like this.


And… what about the Chapel?

Well, I was astonished by all the intertwines vaults and colorful windows! 😀 The atmosphere was so calm and the light was so permeated that it seemed to feel God inside it.

But you can see from yourself! 😉

Me in King's College Chapel Cambridge

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge


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Sight’s Bridge

One of the things I really wanted to see in Cambridge was the Sight Bridge. I heard that there was there a reconstruction of the famous Sight Bridge in Venice, and I couldn’t miss it!

Unfortunately it wasn’t so easy to find it!


After goind back and forth along the river, we discovered that actually it wans’t open to the public, but you shoud see it only by entering St. John’s College.

And it was a great surprise when we discovered the entrance ticket costed £10!!!

Fortunately I succeeded in obtaining a reduced student ticket for £5 (they didn’t even checked my old, expired student card 🙂 ) and my mom for free confusing the guard XD.

By the way, I don’t assure you will succeed, but arriving at 1 pm with the change of guards was very helpful!

Me at Sight's Bridge in Cambridge

Sight’s Bridge, Cambridge


In St. John’s College you enter in another University reality.

You stroll all along the buildings till you reach the main courtyard of the College, that for me was quite as big as a forest. Your eyes are lost in the distance and, before getting on the grass, you have to cross a small bridge from which you can see the Sight’s Bridge of which we have been talking about.

Also here there were students on Gondole that went all along the river. Maybe it is a cool thing here in Cambridge to go on a boat at luch break! Anyway, I love it!


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Well, I hope you undestoond I liked visiting Cambridge a lot. And I also suggest you to do this trip instead of being blocked in the caos and smog of the big London!

You could seen other things, like the Botanical Garden and the Senate House (the place where they give diploma to neo-graduate students). But I just like to see few things and enjoy them at their fullest.



I think the two I mentioned above are the very best places to see there. Then I can suggest you to spend the rest of the time in a traditional pub enjoying an awesome burger!


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Me in King's Colle courtyard in Cambridge

King's College Chapel Cambridge

King's College Chapel Cambridge


Me at Sight's Bridge in Cambridge


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