How to Find Creativity to Write Your First Travel Blog Post

Monica behind Duomo

How can you find enough creativity to write the first blog post on your travel blog?

Many of you would like to have a travel-blog, share your experiences with the world, tell your travel goals in a creative way, but we often find too many cons or excuses for not doing that.

Here you will find a bunch of motivation and some tricks and advices on how I did write my first travel blog post (and I am not a creative artistic writer at all!).


“You should give birth to every idea that comes across your mind.”


This is the first thing I thought to motivate myself to write this first blog post of my new-born travel blog that you are reading right now.

I am not the best writer on earth, I have never been able to put 10 words together that made sense and this was very frustranting.

Just the fact that I am here writing is the proof that everyone can do everything in life.


“If one person can do somenthing, everyone can do it.”


So, I want to exploit this beam of inspiration to tell you how I found the creative hints and the motivation to write this first blog post, but first, I want to talk to you a little bit about the story of this blog and what is its aim.


Why I Opened Travel For Landscape Travel Blog


Imagine you are a child full of desire to travel, always looking for new stimula and knowledge about the world, well I was that person, always trying to know more of the world around me.

But school and society force us to see things as they want them to be, in a static and rational way, without pushing us to be creative in every aspects of our lives.

And so, like you probabily, I fall into this vortex of rationality, repressing the crative self that occasionally tried to come out in my drawings.

I used to draw everything I saw because it was a way to show people how reality was for me.


Who Is The Writer?

At 23 year’s old I decided I needed a change. All I’ve done till now, i.e. studying at University, getting a Master Degree in Civil Engineering in one of the best schools in the world, Politecnico di Milano, fighting for the best education ever and then finding a profitable job, all of a sudden has become useless and of no interest to me.

I’ve understood that all that I want to do is to travel and connect with people.


In 2015, I decided to move from Naples, my hometown, to Milan to study for my Master Degree and this tuned out to make a great change in my way of thinking and approaching life.

I discovered a complete new way of living, made not of long hours of hard work and tiny little pleasures only at the end, but a life in which you do the job that you love, the things that you love and you earn what you need for living connecting with people and helping them doing what they love.


And so here comes my blog, Travel for Landscape, an idea arised in my mind because I wanted to share with the world my idea of travel, made not of luxurious hotels, lazy moments and impersonal stays.

I want to tell to you that my idea of traveling is one of union with the local place, living like a local is my motto, and I want to teach you to approach to traveling considering the three most importante aspects of it, i.e.: MindsetTravel Photography.


Parco Sempione Milano

Location: Parco Sempione, Milan, Italy


The 3 Pillars of Travel For Landscape Blog.

  • Mindset because I think that everyone must have the right motivation and state of mind to get out from their birth place and explore the world. The traveling process is not so obvious as many of you may think. It is not only going to a place far from home. There are many people who have been to many places around the globe but they have never travelled at all. This is because traveling, as I see it,  deals with connecting with the local place, sharing its habits and being in contact with local people. I will write a bunch of articles oh how to feel part of the place you visit while traveling.


  • Travel, of course, it is the most important part, living the experience, feel  free and connectiong with the world and other people with different cultures and habits. But also seeing new things, that may be art or nature and took inspiration for our lifestyle. Travel is not only reaching the place but also to live in it and try to be as much closer as possible to the nature of the place. The aim it is to find new inspirations to make our life even better when we come back home. Of course, among the virtual pages of this travel blog, I will share with you all my personal expriences about planning of my trips and travels, how I find accomodations, unexpected things that might happen, how to reach the place and how I lived the adventure in order to give you ideas to make your experiences even better and out of ordinary. Remember that is not necessary to go too far to have a wonderful experience!


  • And … Photography, because without it we couldn’t record our goals and share it with the community. Through the experience of photography you can realize that there are infine points of view of things and you just have to find YOURS, the one you want others to see. I will write about all that I know about photography tricks and editing to make wonderful travel pics. For now you can take some inspiration from my Instagram Profile.


“Traveling itself is full of creativity and being aware of it is the best way to live your life at its fullest.”


Duomo di Milano

Location: Duomo di Milano, Italy


Creativity Tricks to Start Writing


Now, as I promised, here are the ways to find creativity to write whatever it comes to your mind.

Always keep in mind that writing is a creative process, there is no right or wrong answer to it.

It is a way for feeling better and share somenthing to others, so don’t judge yourself or feel judged while doing it, just release your mind and enjoy the moment!


1) Define Clearly What To Talk About.

It may seem a stupid question to arise, but many people don’t write nothing simply because they have nothing to tell.

The best way to put yourself in action is to identify a small niche of arguments of which you would like to talk and make a small bullet list of the things you know about the argument.

Remeber that everyone is different and things that may be seem obvious and took for granted for you may not be like that for others.

Write for helping other, even in the tinist things and everything will flow naturally.


2) Talk With Someone.

The first thing you should do If you want to write an article about an argument is to talk to someone of that matter.

It may seem stupid to declare our intention so early but talking with someone else makes you understand in which way you are going and how you can make the argument more interesting and clear.


3) Write What You Love.

This may seem a stupid statement, but I see many people out there trying to write things that are out of their personal interest and they don’t have motivation in doing that.

If you write somenthing you must do it with somenthing that you really appreciate, otherwise you will never put too much of your passion into the words you write on the paper.

I think that what you want to read is somenthing that captivates you, blows your mind and you can never reach this aim in your writing if you talk about somenthing that you first don’t like.

Remember that you are not a stone, the words you write reflect in some way what you have inside and you cannot hide it for a long time.


4) Go Out For a Walk Alone.

One of the ways I use to take inspiration is going out of my room, rush into the streets and start wandering around the city with the only aim of whatching pleople and take inspiration from them.

You write mainly to communicate with people, so you have to write somenthing that in some way may interest them.

Whatching them is the best way to find out what they do, what are they habits and what are the aspects that you can cover to catch their attention. And also it is a good way to open your mind and let positive thought enter in it.

Maybe you can have incoscious stimula from the surroundings that will make you generate a wonderful creative idea!


5) Take Always A Notebook With You.

Wherever you go, you should take with you a little notebook to annotate all the things that come to your mind.

In our busy life our mind is reached by millions of images and things per second and many times it happens that you have a small glimpse of idea that suddently dissapears in your head in the moment when you are overwhelmend by the thougths of the next thing to do.

When this happens, take your notebook and write some words on it to remember the idea. You can always trow it away later.


6) Start When You Really Feel Motivation.

And here comes the moment to put everything in action.

The question is: What is the best moment to write? No one can give an answer.

The secret is to start writing when you feel your mind is full of things and you have to free it by putting everything on a sheet of paper.

Start writing as if it were your inconscious mind talking, without thinking to puntuactation, grammar and all the things of rational life, just say what you want to say in the way your mind wants to tell them, with direct and simple means.

You will reach out the hidden writer inside you! 😉


Via Pascoli Milano

Location: Via Pascoli, Milan, Italy


And So? What Should You Do?


You just have to take a sheet of paper (or your personal computer) and start giving shape to your ideas! And remember to come to visit Travel For Landscape every now and then to read some other inspirational posts.


I hope my travel experiences will be of inspiration to my crew of readers and that we will grow together to know better this wonderful place that we use to call planet earth.


I would be happy if you’d share in the comments what is your idea of travel blogging and what you’d like a travel blog to inspire and talk about.

And, If you’ll have time to write somenthing, tell me if any of the tricks I told above were of some aid to you and if you have others to share with the community!

They will be useful to all of us!


P.S. If you liked the post, you can share it using the buttons below or If you feel curious to know who you are talking to you will find it HERE :).

I am planning a lot of new travels and adventures all over the world and I look forward to tell it to you and give you new ideas and inspiration!


Duomo di Milano Canon


Duomo di Milano


Duomo di Milano

Location: Duomo di Milano, Italy




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  • Kiran

    Great blog. And I’d love to say you’re an awesome writer. “You should give birth to every idea that comes across your mind.” this caught my all attention to read the full blog. Keep posting awesome content.

    • Monica

      Hi Kiran,

      Thanks for your kind words.
      I am happy to share with people the things I love and I am so glad when I find people like you that really appreciate what I do.
      You know I also appreciate your blog and I hope we will keep in touch and monitor our works! 😉

      Good luck!


    Effeсtivеly, whɑt does Ԍod like?? Lee added.

    ?I imply, ԝe like cookies and cartoons and toys, but what sort ⲟf
    things are fun for God?? It wɑs a querʏ that for a minute Mommy and Daddy had to suppose about.

    • Monica

      So happy you found it useful!

      Above the techniques that may be subjective, what I wanted to convey is that everyone can run and write on a blog. We just have to start doing it and ideas will come to our mind!

      Hope you’ll have the chance to write donw your ideas to the world!


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