How To Reach Stonehenge

Monica at Stonehenge

Have you ever wanted to visit Stonehenge archeological site? If yes (and I hope so), here I will give you all that you need to know to reach this wonderful place, buy ticket and enjoy your visit as much as possible without worries!

Everything begun three weeks ago, when I decided I wanted to go somewhere away from home, but I didn’t know exactly where to go. The only thing I knew was that I needed to spend a little time away from Milan and I wanted to visit a place that would have literally blown my mind.

I rejected the idea of visiting a big city because I wanted to stay in a place in contact with nature and living an experience completely different from what I had done till that moment.

Monica at Stonehenge Site

Location: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England


Sooo, If you feel this way and you want to live such an experience, I should tell you my choice went to Stonehenge. This place has always fashinated me and I was very curious to get to the spot.

At that moment, my quest for how to get there, buy tickets in advance (because I didn’t want to go there and not be sure to enter the site), ect. begun.


The Magic of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a … bla bla bla … I don’t want to bother you with all that information about the site that you can easily find on the Internet or Wikipedia.

I just wanted to explain you the problems I faced in organizing a trip there from London a few days before the date.


Consider I book my ticket to London a week before departure and I started informing about how to reach Stonehenge after owning the flight ticket to Stansted.

I spent an entire day wandering on websites and blogs of all the species in order to understand what was the cheapest and most comfortable way to reach Stonehenge without being scammed (eheh this is always a concern we have when we book tours and trips online! 🙁 ).


So, in the following paragraphs, I will put at your disposal the knowledge I’ve acquired, so you can plan your trip there in the fastest way possible.


How to Get to Stonehenge From London on Your Own

Why London? Although the nearest city is Salisbury, a small town just 5 miles South the site, I don’t think you want to spend a night there just to go to Stonehenge. The town is cool, there is a beautiful Cathedral and other neolitic sites you can visit on your way to Stonehenge, like the Old Sarum, but the nearest airports are in London. So, if you are coming by airplane, the best choice is to get there from London and do a 1-day trip.

The distance from London is more or less 140km.


Now, let’s talk about the interesting thing. There are three ways for getting there from London.


1) By Train: Fast But a Little Expensive

The nearest train station is in Salisbury. So, You have to take a train to the town from your nearest station in London. Mine was Liverpool Street Station because I booked a room on AirBnb in Shadwell, a borough behind Tower Bridge (Yes, I had an amazing skyline from there over the Shard and all the new skycreapers in London and just one metro stop from the house I could cross Tower Bridge! Wasn’t that amazing? Moreover the room was very cheap!).

You can buy all the tickets to go anywhere in England by train from the National Rail Official Site. You can be sure the site is safe, I didn’t buy tickets for Stonehenge there, but the ones for a trip to Cambringe (I will tell to you in anothere post 😉 ).

Consider that, If you don’t book the tickets some months in advance (and this was not my case), you won’t have a cheap price and It doesn’t worth going by train. The prices are around


Two-way ticket London-Salisbury: £36-40 or more


and the price is even higher if you don’t book in advance or if you want to buy in peak days.

The advantage of the train is that is much faster than the bus, it takes 1h and a half, so you can go by yourself, do a one-day-trip and enjoy not only the visit to Stonehenge, but also the Old Sarum and Salisbury.

Monica at Stonehenge Site

Location: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England


2) By Bus: Slow but Cheapest

Going by bus is the cheapest way, but It takes a little bit longer. We are takling about 2-2,5 hours to get to Salisbury Station.

But, as I said, the prices are very convenient. You can buy a ticket on National Express Official Site starting from £5 (one way). So the price of the trip by bus is


Two-Way Bus Ticket to Salisbury: £10 or more.


Generally all buses depart from Victoria Coach Station, but you can browse the site to see if there are other stops all around London which are more convenient to you.


3) By Car: For The Adventurers

If you like driving for a long time and you are a group of 4-5 people, the best way is to rent a car in London and go there, so you can be free of stopping whenever and wherever you want and enjoy all the journey through the English countryside, which is an amazing landscape to see!



On your arrival to Salisbury Railway Station, the journey is not over because Stonehenge site is 5 miles away from there. At the station you will find the bus of the Stonehenge Tour, that is a big green bus that will bring you to the site directly from the station and leaves every 30 minutes. You can buy the ticket on board and it includes not only the going and come back transport to the Stones but also the entrance ticket both to the Old Sarum Site and Salisbury Cathedral. The prices are:


Only Bus: £10

Bus + Old Sarum + Stonehenge Entrance Ticket: £20

Bus + Old Sarum + Stonehenge + Salisbury Cathedral: $24


So, If you are coming by bus or train and this drops you to Salisbury station, this is the best way to get to the site. And, If you have time, you can also consider buying an extended ticket that allow you to see th Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral (a thing that I wanted to do but I didn’t because I had very little time. So, if you have enough time, I suggest you to do all the excursions!).

You can buy all the tickets directly on the official website of The Stonehenge Tour.

Monica at Stonehenge Site

Location: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England


If you get there by car, you can park directly in the big parking lot outside Visitor Center.

Note that the parking lot for buses and cars (adjacent to Visitor Center) is not direclty beside the Stones. You won’t see the Site from the parking because it is on the other side of the hill. You have to take a bus outiside the Visitor Center that in 2 minutes will guide you to the Stones. There are two buses always going back and forth. So don’t worry, when you exit the site, you will always find a bus waiting for you heading to the Visitor Center (and parking).

Before going on and telling you the best way to reach Stonenge, would you mind leaving me a like with the button on the left or a +1 with the button on the right?


Guided Tours: They Plan Everything For You

Since I organized the trip 5 days before going to London, all the options above were too expensive, so I opted to buy a guided tour from London.

There are a lot of agencies organizing trips to Stonehenge. Personally I preferred no guided tours (i.e. there was not a person accompaing the group for all the site and explaining everything) but I just bought the bus from London and the entrance ticket. In the entrance ticket, an audio guide is also included if you want to know more about the site.


After a lot of research, I found that the tour of Tour Operator Get Your Guide was the best for me because it provided the essential services at a low price.


Stonehenge Entrance Ticket + Direct Bus From London: £44


They provide both afternoon and morinng tours. I preferred to go in the afternoon because the light is better and it proved to be an amazing choice! Here is the direct link to book your Stonehenge Tour from London.

Stonehenge Site

Location: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England





I hope you’ll have the chance to get there and I wish this guide will be of some help to you.

I really wanted to share my feeelings when I arrived at the spot. I was really excited and the site is really in a plane surrounded by hills so that you cannot see it from the surroundings.

When I arrived to the parking lot of the Stonehenge Visitor Center, I was in the middle of nowhere and I could only see fields of grass and green everywhere! It was an amazing sight of the English countryside, but I felt a little bit anxious of not seeing the Stones. When we took the bus from the Visitor Center, we passed to the other side of the hill and Stonehenge gradually came into sight.


That moment was very moving, because I finally realized I arrived to the spot and that this place of mistery really existes.

I spent like 1h and a half wondering around the Stones (taking pictures and so on 😀 ) and I was very happy of the fact that, although you cannot enter between the Stones, in certain points you can see the monolites from a very short distance, felling all its greatness and majesty.


Just a a little advice: I was suggested to see the Visitor Center and spend a little time there but, in the end, it revealed to be only a souvenir shop so, unless you don’t have to buy some postcards (like I did 😀 ) avoid entering it and spend a little time seatend on the benches along the path of the Stones.


Monica at Stonehenge Site

Stonehenge Site

Monica at Stonehenge Site

Stonehenge Site


That’s it! If you have any questions just ask me in the comments, I will be very happy to answer!
You can see other authentic pics taken by me on my Instagram.
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  • Uma

    I went there long time ago. Thanks for bringing me back to those nice memories. We took a day tour bus then and, also stopped to see the cathedral.

    • Monica

      So happy to bring you back to beautiful memories.
      I couldn’t see the cathedral because I had very little time, but I really wanted to do it.
      How is it?

  • Mary

    I’ve always wanted to visit that place and reading this article has encouraged me even more. It’s clear, with the necessary information to be well prepared to live an extraordinary experience as Stonehenge! Well done 😉

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