Edit Photos in 1 Sec: Lightroom Presets

PC with Lightroom and Canon camera

In this article I will show you how to quickly & effectively edit your pictures with Lightroom Presets.

At the end of the post you will also find good ones to download!


Now that you have learned what is Lightroom and its wide range of functions, you are ready to make a step further.


Wait a minute.

I just wanna tell you what happened when I started using Lightroom frequently.


At first, I simply experimented (translation = moving randomly the cursors).


Then, I decided to put my ego apart:

I started watching some tutorials and reading some books (which you will find linked at the end of the article!).


Then I came back experimenting.


When I finally found my own style, or, better, when I was aware of the settings I put on my image every time, I started finding a way to save them.


I just wanted to open a new picture and with a click load all the settings I usually used in all of them.


And here comes the power of Lightroom Presets.


What Are Lightroom Presets?

Have you ever imagined of editing wonderful pictures with just one click?

This is exacly what you can do with presets! 😀


Basically, they are filters like the ones on Instagram.

We’re talking about a series of settings that you choose once, save & use whenever you want.


They are extremely useful to speed up the editing process and make a consistent feed of images.

You can have a look at my Instagram Profile, for example.


What I usually do when I edit a group of pictures taken in the same place is to edit them only once.

Then I save all the settings in a preset and I use it many times on the other pictures.


In this way, I can edit dozens of pictures with similar colors, exposition & temperature in just one minute.


Creating Your Own Lightroom Preset

I know you are curious to know how to create your own! 😀

Just keep reading …


The way to make one is very simple.

Follow the steps below!


  • Go to the Develop Module.

If you don’t know how to use Lightroom Modules,  just download my Guide Learn Using Lightroom in 5 Min inserting your mail below!

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  • Choose a picture from the ones you have previously loaded (you can see them as thumbnails in the bottom part of the interface.

You can click the small triangle on the left to open all the presets.

There are a lot that come with the installation of Lightroom.

If you want to create your own just click on the “+” button on the right.

Lightroom Presets Menu

Lightroom Presets Menu


  • Do all the editing you prefer to your picture.
  • Then go to the left. There is a menu called Presets.
  • A pop-up window will appear.

You can choose the name and the settings you want to store in the preset.

You just have to check the boxes you want to export (see the picture below for reference).

Lightroom Presets Menu

Pop-up window: settings to add to new preset


That’s it! The preset will be saved under the menu Presets on the left of Develop Module!


To use it, you just have to choose your original picture from the thumbnails on the bottom part of the interface and click on the preset just created.

You will instantly set all the editings saved from the previous photo!


Did you find it useful? 😀


How to Group Presets

Now you have one preset.


But what happens if you have many?

You are not able to find the right one for you.


What we can do in this case?


The simplest thing is to catalogate them grouping into folders.

To create a folder is very easy.


Just right-click on your preset, and click on the first option New Folder.

You must choose a name and confirm

That’s it. The preset is added to your folder.


Make sure to group presets with some criteria. For example, you can make presets for the beach or for a certain city.

So I make folders named Milan, London, Seaside …


When you’ll have a lot of them set on pictures made in different environment, you will never start from zero anymore!


Now you may be thinking:

 I am not so expert to make great Lightroom Presets right away.


Well, next paragraph is just for you!


Importing Lightroom Presets (From External Sources)

If you still haven’t found your creative hint, you can always download ready-to-install Lightroom Presets from the Internet.


There are free options and payment options, you just have to choose the one that you prefer according to your type of picture (travel, portrait, …).


Many travel bloggers on instagram have collections of presets that they use to edit their pictures.

So in you follow one of them try to see if they sell their presets in the bio!


The prices for these ones can vary:


  • $20-30 for a single preset;
  • $50-60 for a specific collection (sunset, beach, greens …);
  • $100 and more for wider collections.


How to Install a Preset

How does a preset look like?


Well, a lightroom preset in just a small file that you dowload from the Internet.


To import it in Lightroom is very simple:


  • Go to the Develop Module;
  • Then, go on the left to the Preset Menu that we ha seen before;
  • Right click on the folder in which you want to import your preset (if you want create a new folder just follow the same procedure seen in the previous paragraph!);
  • Choose the option “Import“;
  • Go to the directory in which you have saved the file of the downloaded preset and select it;
  • Click OK.



You have successfully imported your preset into Lightroom!


Now you are ready to use it as it is or just to take ispiration to create your own style!


Learn To Use Lightroom Presets According to Your Photo

Is a preset universal?

Absolutely not!


Remember that a preset was developer on a specific picture made on a specific camera.

So, the outcome will depend on many factors:


  • The camera and lenses you use to shot the picture;
  • Lighting (if you are taking the picture indoor or outdoor, for example);
  • Location (the colors may be less or more saturated depending on the location of your photoshoot);
  • Camera settings during the shot (ISO and global exposure);
  • Skin tones (if you have white or brown skin, blond or brunette hairs and so on).
  • File format (if you are using a .jpeg or .raw file – for more info see HERE)


So, be prepared to modify slightly the settings of the preset to conform to your personal taste and contidions of the shooting.


Here Are Some Awesome Travel Presets For You!

Many instagrammers and photographers on the Internet offer plenty of Lightroom Presets.


Just for your reference, I recommend this travel Lightroom Presets which I particularly like.

–> Click to Download Travel Lightroom Presets <–


Conclusion & Useful Info

I hope you learnt useful information to start using lightroom presets and speed up your editing process.


There are plenty of free and payment presents that you can download on the Internet or just go to the blog of your favourite instagrammer to download them.


Just a couple of things more:


  • They work also with .jpeg format, but, if the modifications are too harsh, you may have a loss o quality of the image.
  • Also mobile presets are available. They are a fast solution on-the-go, but they are totally not comparable with the quality you can obtain with desktop presets. It’s only working on desktop that you can bring your photography to a completely new level.
  • My favourite book for learning using Lightroom as a professionist is The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby. You can find the Amazon links below.


USA – Click Here to Shop From USA

UK – Click Here to Shop From UK

IT – Click Here to Shop From Italy

ES – Click Here to Shop From Spain

FR – Click Here to Shop From France

DE – Click Here to Shop From Germany

CA – Click Here to Shop From Canada


  • I link also a video tutorial with which you can start become familiar with the use of Lightroom –> See Lightroom Tutorial.


Hope to see you again!




P.S. If you have somenthing to ask, or you just want to express gratitude for the hours of work I spent for delivering this guide to you, I will very appreciate a thought from you in comments! 😀


Below you can find also the links to download Adobe Lightroom for Desktop.





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