Best Way to Live Portofino: Hiking (Pt. 2)

Portofino square

Here we are again, talking about my trip to Portofino. We left some days ago when I explained to you how I started my excursionistic path on the hill of the town by chance. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you should read the Pt. 1 of the article first. 😀


The way in which I got to that place was very strange and unexpected so I want to be sure to tell you all the things as happened. I hope also the photos I took along the way will help you get inside the mood.


So let’s see what happened next!


On My Way to San Fruttuoso

If you remember, we left in Pt. 1 of the article at the top of the creepy staircase.

Needless to say, I continued along the road that now had become a little bit normal.

Hiking path

I am just too curious to give up! I like exploring, especially when I see places far from the eye of tourists.



The road was now ok, but it was very steep and the sun was high so that it made difficult to me to proceed at a quick step.

I was still following Google Maps’ advices on the road to take, till I arrived at a wonderful little church with an amazing view over the Portofino Bay.

Church on Portofino hill

I rested for a few minutes and then I continued.


After a hundred meters, I got to a crossroad, where the map said to go to the left. At that point, I found the first indications that made me understand I was following an hiking path on the hill.

But the thing was, when I arrived at the end of the road, I found it closed 🙁 .

Gate to the path


I was very upset because that seemed the only way to get to San Fruttuoso from where I was. So I came back to the crossroad and I proceeded right. Going strainght the road was even more solitary.

The thing that made me feel more relieved was when I found a tennis court along the way. It seemed there was trace of human beings somewhere!

Tennis Court


I was thrilled and a little bit scared at the same time, but I liked enjoying nature, like this wonderful poppies that I could find all along the way.



Poppy flowers


At a certain point, the woods on the side of the road became a little bit sparser so that I could see the coast that I had previously crossed with the bus. And at this point I stopped to take some picture of this awesome landscape.

View over Portofino Bay

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I don’t know exactly the distance I walked. The road was all an up and down and somentimes I had to stop to rest.

Along the road

Until, at a certain point I reached a rest spot where there were wood tables and a map of all the paths of the area.

Pic-nic point

I discovered I was actually crossing a natural park, Portofino Natural Park, full of natural views and paths along the forest.

But at that point I was too hungry to understand anything. I just needed to take the bread I prepared in the morning at home and eat somenthing.

My packed lunch


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Up To Punta Portofino

When I felt a little bit better, I studied the map of the park a little bit closer, trying to understand where I was and where I could go.

Map of Portofino Park


From that point, I could choose to go in three different directions:

  • going up till to Punta Portofino, that was he top of the hill of the town;
  • to the left and see a small chapel;
  • continuing strainght on a path of 1,5 h and reach my beloved San Fruttuoso.

This last path is what I wanted to do, I imagined all the way was a series of amazing views and landscapes, but I was not prepared for that long distance, so I preferred to proceed in direction of Punta Portofino.


Walking on that road, I first ran into many garden roses, like this one:

Garden of roses

and then, going up even more, I could see the bay very little in the distance.

Portofino bay


At this point, the road was not paved anymore and I started walking on the bare ground.

My walking was then stopped by another closure. This time the problem seemed to be wild animals wandering around.

Closed gate to the top


So I had to give up also the idea to get to Punta Portofino and I followed the indications that pointed to a mill.

At this time, the path became even more impervious, I enetered deeply in the park, it was more like a forest to me. The only positive aspect was that the thick threes didn’t let the harsh sunlight of 2 pm hitting me. What I could see on both sides was a little bit like this:

The forest


I could not see any mill in the distance but only vegetation, till, at a certain point, I noticed somenthing in a hole between the threes.

In the distance there was an ancient ruin covered in leaves that should have been the mill I was looking for.

The mill

I don’t know if it was really it or not and probably I will never know (maybe someone can explain me better in the comments 😀 ), but, at that point, I decided to come back in the civilized world, because the threes were to thick and I didn’t want to become the lunch of some boar. 🙂


Enjoying Stylish Portofino

When I finally arrived again in Portofino’s main square, the landscape was totally different. It was full of stylish and calm people enjoying somenthing to drink in the many bars that dot the square.

I decided it was time also for me to enjoy the marvel of the place.

Portofino Square

Unfortunately, a great yatch had just arrived in the port so that it covered some good spots to take amazing pictures. I had to do my best to take it out!

Little boat in the port


All the promenade along the port offers very unique views of the small town, that can be very different when you are in the busy square or when you go to the other side of the port.

It is also amazing to sit on the port and watch the boats go and come back from every direction.


You can enjoy some pictures of the landscape below.

Me sitted ont he Portofino pier

Detail of Portofino's colorful buildings

Me at Portofino bay

Top view of Portofino

Me sitted on the Portofino pier

View of Portofino Harbour

Me with the colorful boats of Portofino port



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