Best Way to Live Portofino: Hiking (Pt. 1)


This is article is only the first part of my one-day adventurous trip to Portofino.

We are in the period of the year of outdoor trips and here I want to tell one of mine I did a few days ago in Portofino here in Italy … or maybe I can call it an adventure, because I discovered by chance a completely different aspect of the little colorful town that I would never have imagined.

If you are anĀ adventure and hiking lover, you should absolutely keep reading this!


Preparing the Trip

As I said before (and when I say something I a really mean it), this is the time of the year of outdoor trips and I am very eager to explore more in the North of Italy, since the past years I was always busy with exams and a lot of things to do at University.



The original idea wasn’t going to Portofino, but exploring the Liguria Coast in Italy enjoying a promenade along the sea (which I will do for sure next days! šŸ˜‰ ).

While surfing theĀ TrenitaliaĀ website (that I suggest to visit to buy any train ticket all over Italy) looking for tickets, I came across this destimation and I decided to go there the following day.


My intention was doing a quick visit to Portofino, that is a very small town, and then follow the coast till the town of San Fruttuoso, that has a wonderful bay with an Abbey overlooking the sea.

Google Maps told me that the time needed to reach the place was 1,5 h (4,5 km). I am quite accostumed to do that distance on foot, so I decided to give it a try.


I prepared my backpack with all the photography tools and some food and I went to bed.


Towards Portofino

The weather was clear in the morning and I left at 7:30 to go to the Central station.

As imagined, I arrived quite early so I exploited the time to take some pictures in the early morning, which are always amazing due to the solft light!

Time table at Central station Milano

Stazione Centrale Milano

Obviously, I discovered my platform was the last one of the station, so I had to run a little to reach the train which didn’t have a reassuring aspect as you can see from the picture below.

Train at Stazione Centrale di Milano

Stazione Centrale Milano

To spend the two hours of the journey, I brought with me a book to read all along the path.

A book on the train

On the train to Genova

While I was enjoying the sight of poppy field and the Italian book I was reading, a guy with coffee skin sits in front of me and, noticing my camera, asks me about that and we start talking about photography and what we are doing in life.

And this was a very happy and strange coincidenceĀ to me since this guy turned out to be a Steward of Emirates Airlines, the same arline company I searched a few days ago on the Internet to know more about becoming a Flight Hostess!


Yes, as many of you (especially girls šŸ˜€ ), I dreamed of becoming a cool hostess of a great airline company and travel the world. I wanted to try this experience once in my life. And now I thought it was the best moment to to this, having finished my studies and starting to think to my new life.


At Genova railway station, we said goodbye and continued on different paths.

Genova Principe railway station

Genova Principe Station

After taking another train, I arrived at the station that should have been my final destination.

When on the spot, I surprisingly discovered that Portofino was 20 min away from there and I had to take a bus.

On the bus towards Portofino

Bus towards Portofino

The trip by bus was the most astonishing ever because I discovered that the coast has an amazing landscape full of beautiful beaches with blue water.

Blue water on the way to Portofino

View from the bus

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On My Way to San Fruttuoso

When on the spot, I suddenly opened Google maps and started searching for the way to go to the little town of San Fruttuoso.


I quickly reached the PortofinoĀ main square when I started wandering not being able to identify which way to take. Then, I spotted a little road around the corner and I understood that was the right way.

I started going up the hill and the landscape was more visible every step I made. I was always following the advices given by Maps till, at certain point, a reach a very steep and narrow stair full of climbing plants on the walls.

Stairs to the hill in Portofino

Stairs to the hill in Portofino

It seemed a little bit creepy but I decided to go up, also because I could hear the voices of some tourists in the distance.



I don’t know how many steps I did, I could say 50-60, but they seemed endless and leading nowhere. At the end of the stair I found a small road continuing up the hill and Maps saying I have to take that.

The road was empty, no cars no people, only an amazing landscape in the distance and the hot sun on the neck.

I didn’t know if conitnuing up and living the adventure or going down and enjoying the stylish Portofino like any other tourist.


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But … you should read Pt. 2 of the article that you can find HERE! Read it because it really worths & It will make your trip to Portofino really unforgettable!
To be continued … šŸ˜€

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P.S. In this article I tried to tell you my story in Portofino using visual contentĀ that I took during my experience to accompaign the written text. I hope you enjoyed and helped you to feel as you were there.

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