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Salone del Mobile - Interior Detail

Salone Internazionale del Mobile, or Milan Design Week, is an event that attracts a lot of people in the design industry in the city of Milano to share their new creations and proposals. If you want to know where & when it takes place and how to attend, you will find everything you need in the article below.


“The place in which you live should tell the story of who you are and collect everything you love.”


When I moved to Milano more than two years ago, I had no idea of what interior design was, that there is a great movement of art and market around this industry that has its hearth right in the city of Milano.

I’ve always been curious about all the events in the city but this one really caught my attention, for the greatness and the spirit that you can feel everywhere and that insinuates in the hearth of people.


Exposition of an sofa at Salone internazionale del mobile di Milano

Location: Salone Internazionale del Mobile – Rho Fiera – Milano


If you ever came to Milano during Design Week, you certainly noticed that the city has a completely different appearance, and I am not saying that the city is only externally more beautiful for all the installations in every corner but it is also more bright, there is more spirit, happiness and desire to celebrate than any other period of the year.


“There’s no better period to visit Milano than during Milano Design Week.”


I always say that to every people I know or meet when they ask me: “You live in Milano, what is the best period to come for a visit?”. And now I want to explain you what is this amazing exhibition taking place in town, when, where and how to take part.


What is Milano Design Week?


Salone Internazionale del Mobile, or otherwise called Milano Design Week, is the most important fair for interior design and furniture in the world.

It is a fair that strenghtens a great Milanese tradition for interior design and love for creation of interior spaces born in the ’60s.


In other words, I want to answer the question: What can I expect to find if i get there?

Well, when you will reach the exhibition center located at the edge of Milano city, in Rho Fiera, you will be lost walking through dozens of pavillions containing different types of expositions of pieces of furniture.


Location: Salone Intenazionale del Mobile – Rho Fiera – Milano


Ok, now you could ask: Why is this so special?

Because it doesn’t contain anything that you can find in ordinay furniture shops but only high standard boutiques all over the world. The fair is pretty much a Fashion Week of furniture, in which all the best and most precious pieces and creations are presented in order to be ordered from sellers and viewed from an high class audience of buyers.


Many pieces are really expensive and sophisticated, besides being never seen on the market before and being presentend there for the very first time. To get an idea, look to the golden pool table here below.


Location: Salone Internazionale del Mobile – Rho Fiera – Milano


Amazing, right?

Or look at this classic interior.


Classic interior at Milano Design Week

Location: Salone Internazionale del Mobile – Rho Fiera – Milano


It seems really to be in the royal bedroom of Queen Elizabeth! 😉


The best design projects are those in which people break the rules.


The interesting fact is that the fair covers interior design at 360°, from living rooms to kitchens, from bathrooms to offices.

To get an idea of the massive space dedicated to the exposition and the themes covered, you can have a look at the map of the 2018 Edition.


Salone del Mobile Map

Map of Salone del Mobile – Rho Fiera – Milano


As you can see, you can find an extensive space dedicated to modern design of living rooms and bedrooms, then a space dedicated to classic spaces and smaller spaces dedicated to kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, offices and a small pavillon at the end of the exibition, called Salone Satellite, in which you will find all the new proposals of new designers and expositions of students coming from design schools from all over the world.


It is for sure a great experience for design lovers but also for curious people who want to know more about luxury living and all that the market can offer. Afterall, every experience contributes to enlange our view and cultural heritage and this is really one of the best experience that I’ve undertaken here in Milano.

If you don’t see it with your  own eyes, you cannot imagine what is inside this wonderful industry.


If you want to visit Salone del Design, you should take present that the fair’s duration is 6 days in April (this year was April 17-22) and it is reserved only to people operating in the industry.

Buuuuut … the last two days, that generally are Saturday and Sunday, they let visitors come in!

And this is a very good news! 😀


Now let’s see all the practical info on how to attend the event!


Tickets Information: Price & Purchase


It you want to enter Salone del Mobile during the two days dedicated to the public, you must register on the official website and puchase the ticket in advance.

Here is a table of the prices you might expect (take into consideration that they can vary from year to year):


1 Full Ticket – 35 euros

1 Full Ticket + 2 Metro Tickets to the Fair – 39,50 euros


Adult excluded, for all other categories for which you can buy a reduced ticket, it is not possible to pre-order it online but you have to buy it at the ticket office at the entrance of the fair (that you can find right at the top of escalators exiting the metro station).

The reduced tickets are:


Couple Ticket – 50 euros

Child Ticket (10 – 13 yo) – 5 euros

Teenager Ticket (14 – 17 yo) & Students – 25 euros


If you think this is too expensive for you and doesn’t worth it, you can still have fun in the Design Week atmosphere and take part in Fuorisalone. But I will talk about that in the last paragraph. 😉


How To Get To The Exhibition


The location of the exhibition is the Fair Point of Rho-Fiera Milano.

The location is a bit far from the center and you can reach the spot in two ways using the public transportation system.


1) Taking Metro Red Line

You just have to take the metro red line, that you find also in the most central locations of the city, such as Duomo, Sforza’s Castle (the metro stop is Cairoli) and others, direction Rho-Fiera Milano and get off to the last stop.

A series of indications will guide you till the ticket office and to the entrance to the exhibition.

The metro takes more or less 40 min to go from Duomo Station to the fair. So, if you need to be there in less time, you can consider option 2.


2) Taking Urban Trains (Passante)

Milano has a network of urban trains called Passante Ferroviario which are trains that travels from/to Milano and other important cities nearby.

They are faster simply because they have less stops since they stop only in certain points of the city. For example, you can take it at: Stazione Milano Centrale, Stazione Milano Porta Garibaldi, Porta Vittoria, Porta Venezia, Dateo, Forlanini Stations.

You can take on of these three lines:


S5 – Direction Varese

S6 – Direction Novara

S11 – Direction Rho-Fiera


This train takes more or less 20 min to reach the fair.


The train ticket for both alternatives is the same. You have to purchase a 2,50 euro ticket (the urban ticket is not valid – be aware! There are lots of ticket inspectors at the metro stop during the fair!) that you can find at automatic distrubutors under metro stations or in some Tabacchi through the city.


Ticket Is Too Expensive? Attend Fuorisalone


If you just want to feel the air of Salone del Mobile & Design Week but you don’t want to spend all that money and reach the exhibition center, you must take present that, during Milano Design Week, the city becomes full of free installations, expositions & parties that you can enjoy simply visiting the city.


The biggest and most important all over the town (and that i personally love to attend :D) are the exposition at Università Statale di Milano (Missori Stop of Yellow Metro Line) and la Triennale di Milano, that is a museum situated in Parco Sempione. Here you cannot miss the opening and closing party in the garden of the museum full of music and design pieces.


All these events, expositions and parties organized in the city are open to the public and are called Fuorisalone.


Every year there are different events and parties, so you can just check them year by year writing on Google “Fuorisalone Eventi“.




Well, I hope I made you curious about the greatest interior design exposition all over the world and I hope you are convinced now that Milano is a completely different city during this time of the year.


I wish you’ll have the chance to be in Milano at least once in your life to live this wonderful atmosphere.

If you need some other advice or information about the event you can write me in the comments, by email or contact form that you can find HERE or share this article with your friends on Social Media with the buttons below if you found it useful.


To know each other better, I suggest you to read my first blog post and be part of #MonicaCrew ! 😀



Interior at Milano Design Week

Interior at Milano Design Week

Interior at Milano Design Week

Interior at Milano Design Week

Interior at Milano Design Week

Interior at Milano Design Week





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