About Me

Ciao, I’m Monica.

If you always thought that creativity & rationality cannot mix each other, you must change your mind from now on.

I spent all my life studying and working on technical and rational matters, and, in the meanwhile, improving my artistic arts-&-crafts skills in the free time.

The result?

I am a graduated Master-Degree Civil Engineer that cannot do without writing, blogging & photography.

My blood is true Italian, born in Naples and Milan based. Moving to Milan has been for me the breakthrough that allowed all my mad desire for art & imagination to come out and give birth to creative things.

I am a creative mind!

The truth is that everyone is a creative mind, but somentimes it is necessary a bit of courage to get out of schemes of ordinary life and put it into action to create beautiful things.

One more thing …

I am obsessed with the idea of perseverance, motivation, and reaching impossible goals in life. If you are locked in the same boring daily routine but you dream big and have wonderful ideas, join my crew and let’s get inspired together for reaching the life of our dreams!


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